Rainbow Gardens (Historical Fantasy)

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Rainbow Gardens (Historical Fantasy)


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Japanese immigrant Harry Shikita dreams of becoming a successful businessman by building Rainbow Gardens, Minnesota’s first neon-lit motel. But the 1920s are a tough time to be an “Oriental” in America, and Harry must deal not only with prejudice and foul play, but also the trolls.

Yes, trolls--the kind that turn to stone. Cursed descendants of Cain, the trolls are trying to find their way back to God through their Redeemer. The trolls think Harry’s their guy, but he’s on his own quest to be accepted, to be an "old boy."

Each time Harry’s slapped down, he gets up and starts again. But things only get worse for Harry after Pearl Harbor. Innocent of any wrongdoing, he finds himself interned for the duration of the war—while his son fights the Nazis in Europe.