The Fall of an Overlord

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The Fall of an Overlord


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In a world ruled by immense dragon overlords, is freedom a long-lost dream?

When Khell, a crippled dragon determined to free his people from the tyranny of his Overlord, meets with other rebels from his master’s domain, a twist of fate forces him into a betrayal that propels him, and his allies, into a war they aren’t ready for.

Even worse, win or lose, the whole gamble could be for naught if the other Overlords learn of the rebellion.

With not only their freedom and their lives, but the very souls of thousands hanging in the balance, Khell and his allies are forced to make an impossible choice.

If you’ve been waiting for a story about dragons as (or more) flawed and conflicted as any human, if you enjoy rapid, page-turning suspense on the backdrop of post-apocalyptic fantasy, then