Tickling The Tiger & Song of The Gondolier

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Tickling The Tiger & Song of The Gondolier


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Another captivating pair of mystery and suspense stories from prize-winning author Joslyn Chase.

Tickling The Tiger

A young doctor, part of an elite medical task force, sets a course for adventure in Bangladesh, where she faces the harsh realities of a killer disease.

And the human element aiding and abetting it.

Virulent germs, natural disaster, and the murder of a Hindu priest combine to make Dr. Elizabeth Mason’s first tour of duty more than she bargained for.

But just what she needs.

Song of The Gondolier

He spends his days in breathtaking vistas, charming wealthy passengers with his songs and collecting fat tips.

Until the bottom fell out of his world.

Hold on tight for this backwards-told-tale of a nice man in a nasty position and how his life hangs—literally—in the balance