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Islandia: The Lost Colony (Sample) (Book One of the McKinnah Chronicles)

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Islandia: The Lost Colony (Sample) (Book One of the McKinnah Chronicles)


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Centuries pass, as human colonists descend into a rudimentary existence, resembling Earth’s dark ages. Their world of tiny islands, with no significant land mass, forces them to replicate the harsh times on Earth when sailors plied the seas in wooden sailboats.

Jonny Oarboy toils on a family clanboat, chancing upon a metal orb that contains the intelligence of an alien scout from an advanced race of galactic explorers, which Jonny keeps secret from outcast clans who intend to seize the orb and use its power for themselves.

At stake is the future of the Islandians. They have the opportunity to rise from their impoverished existences if only Jonny can harness the intelligence and rediscover the planet's original colonist landing site before it's too late.