The Secret Heir (Exclusive Extended Sample)

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The Secret Heir (Exclusive Extended Sample)


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Is it her destiny to save them … or destroy them?
Now that Tori finally understands who she is and what’s expected of her, she’s in full-on freak-out mode. How will she save the galaxy from General Arantu’s clutches when she can’t even control her powers?
Add that to the lack of retaliation by enemy alien forces, and everyone is on edge. Especially when they uncover evidence of a strange alien symbol with possible links to humans, and the mystery deepens, along with their frustration.
But that’s not the only thing keeping Tori awake at night.
Confused over the horrific vision she experienced the night of the Herassan attack, Tori is terrified of revealing details of her protector’s supposed fate, so she says nothing. Keeping stuff hidden never ends well, and as evil forces conspire again