Beginnings, Family Heritage Book 1

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Beginnings, Family Heritage Book 1


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High school is hard enough on its own, but Mike Keller is facing something much worse. His headaches take a strange turn one Saturday night when he ‘sees’ an imminent car crash. Warning his friend Darrell in the nick of time, the two teens avoid a surely fatal collision. Mike’s ‘visions’ become more frequent over the next few days, bringing notoriety this wallflower preferred to avoid. The exception being his childhood friend Colleen. Though they have drifted apart, he still nurses a huge crush on the head cheerleader.
Mike’s confusion mounts over the visions while being buried under a mountain of homework. When a bully picks a fight, something darker rears up inside of Mike’s mind. Who or what is stalking around school, spying on Mike and his classmates. Can Mike keep the Darkness at bay?