The Shadowed Veil

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The Shadowed Veil


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The world you know is only the beginning…

About to graduate, Skylar has no idea what do with her comparative mythology degree. But when she attends a career fair, she is drawn to a booth with a banner that reads TRIP. The strange thing is that nobody else can see it.

Later that night, Skylar is attacked by a creature, plunging her into a reality she thought only existed in books. Our world is made up of many realms, which are all separated from each other by the Veil. Skylar was born a Veilwalker, one of a special few who can travel between realms without using portals. This is why TRIP wants her.

But Skylar just wants to go home and forget everything. But can she return to her old life now that she knows how small her world really is?