Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam

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Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam


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After Book of Shadows 3's battle with an evil witch who wanted to steal their magick, 16-year-old witches Emma, Lia, and Shar believe the worst is over. Until they soon discover that many students at their new school hate them for the shooting at their last school where they killed their attackers in self-defense.

Meanwhile, Emma feels like she’s losing her mind as her thoughts turn dark. It could be that it’s the black magick she absorbed in book 3 or something more sinister.

In Memoriam takes place during the days leading to a memorial for a friend who met an untimely death. Emma and company are worried that they’ll be blamed – since it happened while she was helping them – until they receive signs that something far worse is about to happen.