Chloe Daniels: The Union

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Chloe Daniels: The Union


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Atlanta Police Department's Lead Detective, Michael Phillips, finds himself on yet another crime scene. Although a veteran of service with the APD, nothing could ever fully prepare the detective for facing yet another dead body. Quite to his surprise, Detective Phillips is joined by Dr. Chloe Daniels; noted forensic psychologist. Dr. Daniels is an authority, in her own right, and the high profile cases she's consulted on, have catapulted her into the national spotlight. Her presence is not lost on the lead detective and he wonders why she has been brought to his crime scene. Their meeting seals a union that will be tested over and over again with the plethora of crimes they mutually investigate. Is there more to this connection than meets the eye? Find out in Chloe Daniels: The Union.