Life Renovated

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Life Renovated


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On the same day that an expected promotion turns into the worst day of my career, my relationship with my fiance comes to a stinging and abrupt end. Obviously, a wild night of dancing and flirting seems like the only sensible thing to do.

But when a steamy one night stand ends with a broken house, rather than a broken heart, I’m left to pick up the pieces all by myself. I’ve never felt so lonely. Newly single, unemployed and standing ankle deep in water and debris, at least things don’t seem likely to get any worse… but things do. In more ways than one.

Will my one night stand become a DIY repair for both my crumbling home and my broken heart, or will my amorous ways cost Liam his job?

Life Renovated is a stand-alone romance novella with no cheating and HEA.