Caught in a Lie

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Caught in a Lie


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Julianne is a bored socialite flitting from man to man, shop to shop, party to party. When asked to seduce a man for more money than she’s seen before, she thinks that setting a honey trap will be exciting. Then she finds out that she already knows her target: years ago, she had a one-night stand with him behind his girlfriend’s back. Will he remember her?

Now married, Thomas is a partner at a consultancy firm with a wealthy father backing him to enter politics. But does he want to follow in his father’s footsteps? He can’t help feeling he’s being manipulated to enter a dark, secretive world he doesn’t fully understand.

Julianne knows that she’ll lose out on her money if Thomas finds out the truth about her, but soon she learns that there’s even more at stake: perhaps her life.