Between The Pipes

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Between The Pipes


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Davesh and Zed are many things.

Best friends.
And for a long while now, lovers.

Davesh knows the ins and outs of Zed—how to make him laugh, what makes him moan, and the look in his eyes when he sees something he wants.

And the way he looks at their new goalie? It’s the same look Zed gave him right before their first kiss that changed everything, and Davesh wants too.

But wanting is far easier than having, especially when it comes to Kevin.

In spite of how well Davesh and Zed have taken care of him since he started with the Phantoms, Kevin isn’t sure he can handle the two men who are so big, and so bright, and so full of love. He’s not sure he’s ready for it, and more importantly, he’s not sure he deserves everything they have to offer.