Departure - A Lesfic Sci-Fi Short

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Departure - A Lesfic Sci-Fi Short


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Get Ready For A Mad Dash To Freedom.

Kari McCaine is a descendent of the ISF Aurora crew. The human spacecraft crash-landed on the planet Radan over a century ago, and Kari was born and grew up in the shadow of the downed ship. Her generation’s goal? Prepare the Aurora for flight—and escape.

Standing between Kari and her mission to unshackle the Aurora are mechbots, faulty technology, and a broken heart. Will she survive long enough to complete her mission and send everyone she’s ever known back into space? Can she cope with losing Mara forever? Will Radan’s native species, the Auent, kill her before she can find out?

“Departure” is a stand-alone sci-fi lesfic short story with themes of survival and romance. 7700 words / 23 pages.