Yaakov the Pirate Hunter

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Yaakov the Pirate Hunter


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Buried treasure, old-school pirates, and an international race against time will make this summer vacation the thrill of a lifetime.

When the Peretz kids discover a mysterious map inside their family’s robot, there’s no telling where it may lead. Digging up a box of priceless gems in the Mojave Desert is a fun way to spend a hot afternoon, but returning a billionaire’s stolen loot is no simple feat.

Yaakov Peretz and the others will have to get past Pete Weasel and his pirate gang. And even if they do, they’ll soon learn that foiling a bunch of thieving pirates is just the beginning.

Yaakov will have to put together the clues, and gather all of the wit and grit that he can muster, to stop a dangerous crook before it’s too late.