Proximity: Children of the Red Sun [preview]

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Proximity: Children of the Red Sun [preview]


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Jace Starlon is hired by Mika Misu, an agent of the Silurian Magístrata, to investigate a First Race ruins. Jace reluctantly accepts when Mika pulls legal stings to force his cooperation. Their destination is the Glass Desert, near the infamous Janosheck Crater, on a rocky world known to Old Earthers as Proxima b.

The trek is dangerous due to nuclear fallout from the Janosheck and political tension between the two world-nations that control Kam-no-Kai’s natural resources and antiquities market.

What begins as a simple smuggling job turns into a legendary quest when Jace makes a discovery that leads him directly into the hands of the Equinox Corporation’s most ambitious and dangerous project yet: a First Race cloning program.

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