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Death Magic

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Death Magic


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My job was supposed to be easy. Investigate a bleed farm, find the a-hole vamps who've been kidnapping Normals and bring down some street justice. Now I've got a relic in my hands that was created with the blood and death magic of an elder Vampire and a whole lot more questions than answers.

My name's William J. Silver. I'm a wizard - sort of. I'm the thirteenth line of the family Silver, one of the most powerful wizarding families in the world. I was born with a genetic anomaly that makes it impossible for me to tap into the Void, though. The result? I'm as Normal as any one of you. Or at least I was.

Now I've got to dodge both the Normals and the Council, both of whom would gladly tear me apart and dissect me to find out my secrets. All while I try and redeem myself for the arrogance