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The Secret of Kite Hill

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The Secret of Kite Hill


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A FATHER. TWO SONS. A DOG. WAIT, WHERE'D THE DOG GO? There are 3 tunnels in the cave. The dog went down one of them. Which do we choose? You know in scary movies when you yell, "Don't go in there!" We went in. Yeah, I know. Ask your 8-year old why. _____________________________________________________ "[My son] especially liked, no surprise here, the parts that were written by Lu (fart destroyer of aliens)." ★★★★★ _____________________________________________________ "Most of all, it made me want to have an adventure with my kids... even though I don't have any yet. :)" ★★★★★ _____________________________________________________ NOTE: the stories dreamed up in this book were created by an 8-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy and then pieced together by their father.