Drowning in Talon

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Drowning in Talon


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Barring a white picket fence, Cassie Jacobs seems to have it all: a hardworking husband, a great career, a beautiful home, and a fabulous best friend. But things aren’t always what they seem. Shackled to a life that is anything but picture-perfect, Cassie is slowly sinking into a nightmare of her own making. When a temporary job assignment takes her to Alaska, she never imagines that the cocky, hazel-eyed Talon Murdock is the man who can set her free. With his long hair, tattooed and irresistible body, Talon is everything she should avoid. But his unapologetic passion for life might be the very thing she needs. Will the secrets of her past destroy any chance of happiness, or will Cassie find the courage to love again and the ability to forgive the one person who needs it most?