Wanted by the Bear

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Wanted by the Bear


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Running a flower shop is a far cry from leading a fae court. But after banishing her best friend through the veil between worlds, Evie is happy to avoid anyone with a drop of magical blood. Even the call of an old acquaintance and rumors of a returned threat can't pull Evie back into the life she left behind.

Without a clan to call his own, Ty found his purpose protecting and serving in a human police force. So when the bodies start piling up the shifter follows the evidence to a florist that calls to his bear in ways he never expected.

What Ty sees as evidence against Evie, she sees as proof of the impossible. With no other options, she turns to Ty for help and stumbles down a path that binds her to the sexy shifter. Will they find a way to heal their broken parts and save the world?