Planet 99 Publishing Sampler:  3 Books In 1!

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Planet 99 Publishing Sampler: 3 Books In 1!


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Explore the universe of Planet 99 Publishing with these three stories:

Changed Into His Daughter's Little Sister by Ivana Johnson: a girl wishes her father would be cool, but never expects for him to be magically transformed into her little sister Cindy!

Mortal Sins by P.T. Dilloway: When a bank security guard's big moment is ruined by the superhero the Scarlet Knight, he plots to destroy her once and for all!

Help, I've Become a Shopaholic! by Eric Filler: A man goes to a department store to investigate his wife's shopping sprees only to be changed into a gorgeous young woman with one thing on her mind: shopping!

These stores are complete and unabridged.