The Healer's Kiss, FTS #4 (SNEAK PEEK)

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The Healer's Kiss, FTS #4 (SNEAK PEEK)


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Mate or not—love will not keep her from following her warrior heart.

Book 4 continues this epic space adventure with a new crew member who craves the chance to get even. Lt. Boca Ador well remembers being tortured, mutilated, and made a sexual slave on the planet of Lotharius. Chiang of Greggor doesn’t want her to go back there, but returning to help rescue the High Ambassador's daughter is her choice to make.

Neither her work as a healer nor her growing attraction to the reluctant Greggor doctor is going to keep her from walking the warrior's path. She doesn't care if the insistent male is her mate and her destiny. Love of any kind will just have to wait until she has her revenge.