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Heart of Ikchani

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Heart of Ikchani


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Adnieva loses everything she holds dear, and decides to leave her small village of Tiermerra in search of better things. At the top of her list is revenge.

Naveen travels from city to city trying to conceal her ability, an ability she learned at a younger age at great cost to her.
Divinity grows tired of the politics in the city of Legain, and her father's hold over her. She decides to take things into her own hands and escape.

Nyverra had always been a great servant, but she is forced to flee Legain because she is accused of murdering the duke.

Apart these women can do little, but with a little heart, they can form the Ikchani, and begin plans to overthrow the male government of each city in Calthoria. Together they are the Ikchani.