Dead Love

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Dead Love


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When Lace Tanner escapes a toxic relationship and moves to the small town of Hideaway, her life seems back on track. That is, until her few personal possessions begin to move around the house of their own accord. When she investigates she discovers a startling secret: her house is haunted by a ghost.
Brent can’t remember how he died, or who he was before he became a spirit. All he knows is that he’s drawn to the home—and to Lace. Though she’s disturbed by his presence, Lace agrees to help Brent discover why he’s still shackled to this earth. As they search the home and peel through Brent’s shattered memories, Lace can’t help but notice Brent’s chiseled features, rugged charm, and innocent kindness. The more she’s with him, the more she needs him.
But not everything is as it seems. . .