Regency Romance: A Suitable Rogue

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Regency Romance: A Suitable Rogue


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Nash’s irresistible blue eyes pierced through Juliet as she muttered disapproval of his buckled boots sprawled in the carriage walkway. Juliet, furious that someone could be so arrogant and selfish, secretly found herself wondering if she felt attracted to or repulsed by the handsome man wearing those boots.

Life in England under the rule of the feeble King George was rife with excess steeped in unyielding rules and proprieties. Emerald-eyed Juliet was a woman from another time. Raised as the pampered only child of a wealthy landowner, she fought the societal expectations that stood in the way of her dreams. A non-conformist, once confronted with the man who could tame her, she fought him, and almost to the death.

Handsome Nash became her advocate, against the rules that held her in p