Gale's Gift

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Gale's Gift


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There’s nothing Morghram hates more than storms, but when he sees a woman trapped in the sea with a wild storm fast approaching, fear of foul weather must be pushed aside.

But saving Eona’s life means getting tangled in her business. Shipwrecked in pursuit of the thief who ruined her life, her escort is lost, leaving her to pursue justice alone.

Adventure isn’t high on the list of things Morghram is looking for, but Eona’s promise of rich rewards could change his life, restoring the comfortable lifestyle stolen by the wartime injury that forced him to forsake his career.

Though tired and past his prime, his sword is king’s steel, and the scars on his body prove his skill was hard won. Together, they may just stand a chance.

Gale's Gift is a fantasy novelette approximately 13,000 words