Perennial Classics: Planting and Growing Great Perennial Gardens

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Perennial Classics: Planting and Growing Great Perennial Gardens


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Perennials are the backbone of the garden -- a low-maintenance, long-growing mainstay that the garden revolves around. I've worked with perennials for 20 years, as a manager in the perennials section at the local nursery, and then as a municipal horticulturist in charge of over 20 gardens around the city. I've grown perennials from seed, potted them bare-rooted, divided them, deadheaded them, treated them for diseases and pests. Everything I've learned over the years I share here in this book -- Perennial Classics.
This is a sample of the full book, BUT to give you more bang for your buck, I've also added chapters from the other books in the Easy-Growing Gardening series. You'll find a good 100 pages of quality gardening information plus lovely illustrations.