Ever Hardcore

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Ever Hardcore


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In the virtual game world of Legends of Phoenae, Nick is top dog and he knows it. As Jaxxon the defender, his skills landed him in a top guild, facing the biggest baddies the game has to offer alongside other world-class players. But when a freak accident traps him in the game not as Jaxxon, but as Aeron the cleric, everything he fought so hard to earn is gone in an instant.

Even worse, Nick is stuck in hardcore mode, where stakes are high because pain is real. Legends of Phoenae is no longer just a game, but how can Nick build a life here when everything that matters—friends, family, job, husband—is in the “real” world now lost to him?

To reclaim what he’s lost, Nick’s only hope may be to bend the world of Phoenae to his will using the one thing the accident didn’t take away: his skill.