Alone (#1 Flamestone Trilogy)

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Alone (#1 Flamestone Trilogy)


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Elaine has spent her sixteen years proving that she’s nothing like her murderous father—but no one will let her forget her dark family history. So when her best friend Talia goes missing, Elaine takes the search and rescue into her own hands. But Elaine finds herself in a wilderness where teenagers are worked to death in mines by a group called the Flamestone Society. Elaine barely escapes, but her boyfriend doesn’t. Because of her, his life is now in danger right along with Talia’s.

Now Elaine’s alone in a vast wilderness with only her survival instincts on her side. As if that’s not bad enough, she failed summer camp and the Flamestone Society is closing in. Armed with only an ax, Elaine will have to embrace her dark family history to survive.