A Very Kinky Christmas

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A Very Kinky Christmas


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Just because Landon said no tree doesn’t actually mean he’s serious, right? Sure, they’re messy and expensive and there’s no room in the tiny apartment, but those are just excuses, right? Everyone wants a tree. Brett’s pretty sure he’s got a handle on rules he can break and rules he shouldn’t. And even if he’s wrong, how bad could it be?

**A Very Kinky Christmas is a 6,000 word Working Out the Kinks bonus story about Brett and Landon’s life around the holidays, a few months after the end of the book— this time from Brett’s point of view!

If you haven’t read Working Out the Kinks, you’re definitely going to want to read that first, since this is a little spoilery and also won’t make much sense as a standalone. Enjoy!**