Protection's Prison

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Protection's Prison


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Siophra's magic enables her to Protect living things from harm. But there is no way to Protect herself from the heartache she feels over her father's refusal to allow his precious Elven daughter to love a human.

Her father's anger pushes her to make an extreme decision, until her love for him, despite his cruelty, puts her in a place where her magic becomes necessary to keep him safe--a place where her Protection becomes her prison.

(novelette, 20 pages)

**This is a companion story to the young adult fantasy Toch Island Chronicles series by Kat Heckenbach and can be read either before starting the series or after.

Toch Island Chronicles includes Finding Angel (book 1), Seeking Unseen (book 2), and Legacy Rewound (book 3), which are available in print and ebook.