Interview with The Devil: Part 1: Victor's Account

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Interview with The Devil: Part 1: Victor's Account


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The horror fiction novel "Interview with The Devil: Part 1 Victor's Account" tells the disturbed, traumatizing tale of a young man named Victor Florence, who, because of his grotesque upbringing longs to become a psychologist as a means of understanding his psychologically unbalanced family. Now as an adult in his early twenties, Victor finds himself studying psychology at a run down community college, only to be referred by his professor to a mental asylum as an experiment, where he reluctantly meets a depraved patient to whom Victor calls the "Devil" because of the inmate's hideous crimes. Interview with The Devil is a morbid account of instability, wickedness, and profound wretchedness. This is not merely a book, but a detour into the mind of a truly lost individual, and strangely enoug