A Cup of Pending (Dark Comedy, Thriller, Mystery)

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A Cup of Pending (Dark Comedy, Thriller, Mystery)


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Dark Comedy Thriller

A delicious tale of vengeance gone so wrong it just feels right!

Down on his luck and homeless, Cliff Trask tries to score a cup of pending coffee in an upscale Miami coffee shop. He and a friend are assaulted by a self-entitled hedge-fund manager. They decide to exact an elaborate bit of revenge, and end up with a pile of money and a lot more trouble than they ever imagined possible. The scheme goes off the rails in weird and wondrous ways. Cliff is soon embroiled with crooked cops, drug cartel assassins, and a gaggle of ex-trophy-wives, all working their own agendas. As if that weren't enough, the whole thing plays out on a Miami based reality TV show where Cliff manages to become the star of this unfolding disaster.

Will Cliff wind up dead at the hands of the det