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Immortal's Wish: A M/M Non-Shifter MPREG Holiday Romance Short

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Immortal's Wish: A M/M Non-Shifter MPREG Holiday Romance Short


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Creating a family is one thing, but leaving another one behind is a little more complicated...

Cameron Strikes has settled into life as the consort of the mightiest of the Ancient Gods. As Zeus' lover, and the father of his child, his life (and his immortality) has changed forever. But something is missing, and with Christmas approaching Cameron can't help but think about the family he left behind.

After begging Zeus to let him take their daughter to the mortal world to meet her family, Cameron's hope for a beautiful family reunion could be ruined by the arrival of an unexpected guest. The truth about his new life as with Zeus could spell disaster for Cameron's holiday plans, unless he can keep his secret long enough for the presents to be opened...