Thrill Addict (a Four Horsemen novelette)

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Thrill Addict (a Four Horsemen novelette)


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Join a mercenary company to see the galaxy, fight the bad guys, and get paid. A lot.

The Spine Nebula is a failed sector of space. It's a playground for pirates and smugglers, and a haven for the desperate and greedy – a perfect place for sisters Blue and Sun to hide.

But they've made powerful enemies, and no one can hide from the Endless Night.

The only way out is to fight.

Thrill Addict is an authorized novelette set in the Four Horsemen Universe created by Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy, and introduces characters I developed who appear in the Seventh Seal Press titles: For a Few Credits More, Tales from the Lyons Den, The Midnight Sun, and Endless Night.