The Trials of Io

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The Trials of Io


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Darren jet wants one thing: to join the Sons of Jupiter, the most feared, elite special ops force in the solar system. But before he can enter their rigorous training program, he’ll have to survive their ritual initiation—the Trials. He’ll be dropped onto one of the most hostile surfaces known to man—Io, a craggy, volcanic moon flying through Jupiter’s intense radiation zone. His mission: get out alive. Simple enough.

But when new instructions set the ten initiates at each other’s throats, all hell breaks loose. Will Darren find a way to survive and escape, or will he fall victim to the Trials of Io?

This is a prequel short story to the Starship Fairfax series. The first-in-series title, The Lunar Gambit, and another free prequel short story, "Totaled," can be found on Amazon.