Spirit Hunger

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Spirit Hunger


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Mythology. Creatures. Nightmare dreamlands.
Hallucinations or reality?

Submission deadlines and exams are the worst Adi thought she’d be facing for the next 4 years. But when her nightmares spill over into her college life, she must face a new kind of monster.
She only hopes her premonitions and hallucinations won’t drive her insane before she can find a way to stop them.
Honi has known for years that he’s one of the last spirit walkers left, able to traverse the human and spirit world. And he’s just met the woman who is going to change everything. Adi.
If only he can convince her she’s one of them.
Adi doesn’t want his help. No matter how good he looks with his shirt off. But without him and his wolf companion, she can’t win against the invisible terrors plaguing her day and night.