Festive Fire

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Festive Fire


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For a year Roxy’s life has been torn apart by lies. As Christmas approaches, she finds herself forced to endure the company of the people who nearly destroyed her.
Her coping mechanisms include working non-stop, swearing off men, and occasionally climbing into a bottle. One particular night, after wine has taken the lead in her battle, she attempts to drive home. Fortunately, Jax-the-gorgeous-fireman, has been watching her throughout the evening. He steps in and prevents a disaster.
Jax finds her adorable and witty, but in need of a trip over his knee and some strong guidance.
To her surprise, Roxy finds Jax’s dominance makes her melt in more than one place.
Will she feel the same when she is sober and Jax is laying down the law? Or will Jax run when the rumors reach him?