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Night Goddess (The Goddess Prophecies Book 1) ~ Preview

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Night Goddess (The Goddess Prophecies Book 1) ~ Preview


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A world plunging into darkness. An exiled Dragon Lord struggling with his destiny. A young woman terrified of an ancient prophecy she has set in motion.

He came through the Dark Rift that tears apart the night sky hunting for those who had escaped his wrath. Unchecked, his evil spread. Now, the world hangs on a knife-edge and all seems destined to fall. But a goddess has awakened and an ancient prophecy is set in motion.

Fleeing from Dread Dragons who destroyed her home and murdered her family, Issa is thrown into the battle for the fate of the world. When the goddess speaks to her, she discovers she has magical powers beyond her wildest dreams… or worst nightmares.

Fans of Tolkien, Sword of Truth, Wheel of Time, and Mists of Avalon will love this exhilarating, moving, epic fantasy saga