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Alternative Beginnings (A steamy FBI Agent romantic suspense)

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Alternative Beginnings (A steamy FBI Agent romantic suspense)


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Agent Jaclyn Jacquin is ruthlessly devoted to this case. When a local terrorist cell starts abducting girls from immigrant families, Jaclyn will do anything to get them back, including destroying her relationship and career in pursuit.

Agent Emily Evans is a new agent without a real place in the Bureau but she is determined to succeed. All this comes crashing down when she meets endearingly nerdy Agent Collin Archer. Emily does her best to keep her distance, but everything threatens to evaporate in a raid gone horribly wrong.

Agent Wesley Wexler is on the cusp of an explosive case that will have long reaching consequences for his life, and the life of the brunette woman at the office he can't keep his eyes off of.

This is the case that sets Wes and Jaclyn on a collision course.