Woman of a Hundred Names - Mystery/Suspense

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Woman of a Hundred Names - Mystery/Suspense


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Adopted from a Chinese orphanage in infancy, Melanie Brooks knows little about China. Until Englishman Bernard Mason accosts her with photos of a missing Hong Kong heiress, Julia Tang, whose resemblance to Melanie is astounding. The heiress is key to a billion - dollar conglomerate that’s been haemorrhaging money since the death of tycoon Arthur Tang, Julia’s father. As Arthur’s former aide, Mason knows everything about Julia, right down to her handwriting, and coaches Melanie on how she can replace her. After weeks of briefings, a discreet call is made that Julia Tang has been “found”. Melanie arrives in Hong Kong to resume the interrupted life of the missing heiress. The fairy tale quickly shows its ugly side, and Melanie understands why many suspect Julia Tang of faking her own death. F