Pixi Poison

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Pixi Poison


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On the cold streets of Ashwood, a vampire and a werewolf do battle. Hope, respect, and innocent lives hang in the balance.

Pixi Poison lives on a border territory between vampires and werewolves, acting as a peacekeeper and ambassador between both species. But when a pack of werewolves comes crashing into her turf, insulting her authority, it sparks a conflict that sees Pixi chasing the respect she believes she deserves from people who see her as an outsider.

If she is to get what she wants from the people she believes she belongs with, she’s going to have to learn a tough lesson she may not be able to accept.

Get ready to read a dark, gritty, violent story, but be warned—this is explicit, vulgar, and not for those looking for a light, casual read.