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The Spark: A Meridia Falls Fantasy Thriller

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The Spark: A Meridia Falls Fantasy Thriller


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Nothing is as it seems in Meridia Falls.

The school injects its students with mysterious vaccines. People have gone missing. Time seems to stand still, and a touch of skin can transmit thoughts, feelings - whole lifetimes. Or maybe it’s just me who isn’t normal.

Because what I'm about to do isn't normal at all. I'm standing in the woods staring at the same strange, white door that my sister was dragged through ten years ago. And I’m about to walk through it...

Join Logan, a haunted teen searching for the truth surrounding the disappearance of his sister and the breakup of his family. Journey deep into the forest and stand by his side as he falls in love, uncovers a hidden world of fantasy and magic, and struggles to unravel the mystery before it consumes his soul...