A Circus of Devils

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A Circus of Devils


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Being a gladiator in a two-bit arena in a dusty city at the edge of an empire may not be the life Beta expected, but it’s better than what she ran away from. Freedom is her ultimate goal—but she’s owned by the gladiatorial school. And, as one of its best fighters, she can’t just walk out the door.

She sees a way out when a stranger arrives, and the owner of the school makes a bet he can’t afford to lose but can’t possibly win without her.

Playing against the odds, she takes a chance and soon finds herself fighting in a new set of games against opponents unlike any she’s faced before. Unsure who’s friend and who’s foe, Pitted against warriors with abnormal strength and astounding speed, she fights just to stay alive.

But winning in the Circus of Devils might cost her everything.