Spectacle, Part One

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Spectacle, Part One


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On a planet my father's kind sought refuge, it's now become our hell. Once the government discovered what we are and the powers we have, they sent us to a deserted island to die. No hesitation. No warning. Just the accusation that my father, one of our Elders, did something to warrant our exile.

But he's innocent.

We're harmless.

The island is treacherous. So they basically ordered our execution - men. Women. Children.

For those of us who've managed to survive, a shocking discovery turns our already chaotic world upside down - our banishment was for darker reasons than we ever could have fathomed, and now it's up to me and my friends to uncover the truth... if we can survive long enough to accomplish it.

If you love fast-paced Dystopians, this one's for you!