Sky Joust: The Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence

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Sky Joust: The Purple Onion vs. The Pestilence


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Evil-doers, get out your hankies: a new superhero will make you weep like infants!

For generations, Dodoville has suffered at the hands of brutal gang lords. Fortunately, Victor Cumin, son of a news media mogul, has developed the skills and technology to undermine their authority. Armed with his electrified quarterstaff, he breaks gangsters until they cry - then posts the blubbering to YouTube! This humiliation tactic has earned him a nickname: the Purple Onion.

But wait! Ancient enemies have returned. An elite order of rogue knights, using sophisticated new lancing weapons and mechanically enhanced horses, have sworn to reclaim their honor from the city that drove them out centuries ago.

Can the Purple Onion make them cry for mommy?