Sketches (a short story prequel to Sketches of my Soul)

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Sketches (a short story prequel to Sketches of my Soul)


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Rumors and Betrayal....
Tegan's worse fear comes to life at a football game when her dad shows up drunk. It's hard enough knowing that everyone in town already gossips about his drinking, but now it was on full display. Not only is she embarrassed beyond belief in front of her classmates, her boyfriend contributes to the whole humiliating scene. Trust broken, she shuts everyone out except her best friend, Emily and a new friendship she forms on social media with a boy named Andy. Her family secrets hidden behind the computer screen gives Tegan the courage to message with Andy without fear of embarrassment. Her sketch book, chocolate, and the mystery boy behind the computer are what she's relying on to distract her until graduation when she can leave this town and start over at college.