Welcome to Zombietowne: Book 1 - Deadsperate Times

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Welcome to Zombietowne: Book 1 - Deadsperate Times


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Twenty years after the Great Undeadening, the once-great zombological preserve and family fun park has fallen on hard times. Now, they have one shot to get back on top—but they didn't count on Quinn Quigley.

Outcast. Nerd. A hopeless romantic who falls in love with every girl he sees—especially the ones that need rescuing.

Even when that girl is a walking corpse.

This story has it all: romance, action, intrigue, corporate positioning, zombies, guns, bullets, fast cars, board rooms, friendships, secrets, lies, grass and dirt, uh, punching, yelling, crying, mysterious brown vans, suburban ennui, high school, eating, people with glasses, people without glasses, guns, big trucks, uh, a dog, uh, time progressing in a linear fashion, movie titles...AND MORE!