Fighting the High Seas

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Fighting the High Seas


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When a Tamurian fleet sets off the shore toward the Lands Beyond the Western End of Gaia, Neo and Seneca know one thing: The Tamurians are looking to conquer whoever resides in the distant lands.

While a Tamurian threat grows both on land and at sea, Neo and Seneca take matters into their own hands, warning surrounding nations of Tamuria's movement while racing against the clock to set sail on their own to fight and defeat the powerful Tamurian navy at sea.

The duo's latest challenge takes the reader into new territory, including nations below the Southlandic Strait, to the Golden Republic of Atlantis, and finally, to the Atlantean Sea.

A new adventure awaits the duo as they set sail to rescue the native peoples in a land everyone will soon know by the name of Columbia.