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Crooked Magic

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Crooked Magic


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Rekia has one job. Get her client to safety before the Crass government execute him for being a spy.

Rekia is a world hopper, and when she hides you, you'll never be found.

All is going well, until her sometime lover, Trent, steals her client from under her nose.

More than a little put out, Rekia is determined to get him back, but the Crass government has other ideas when they intervene and take the spy for themselves.

Now Rekia and Trent will have to work together to prevent a death more gruesome than anything they've ever seen.

Rekia prides herself on her ability to protect her clients. Only this time, the game has changed, the players are different, and she's left reeling with the knowledge that just this once, her special skills, might not be enough.