The Book of Legend (YA Fantasy)

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The Book of Legend (YA Fantasy)


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What happens when you discover the life you know isn’t the life you are destined to lead?

Life has never been easy for sixteen year old Cai Freeman; being a foster kid of new-age parents has made him an easy target for bullies and he longs to escape.

During a chance trip to Stonehenge, he makes a shocking discovery… one that takes him to a world of legend; a world he never even knew existed. There, his true identity is revealed and it isn’t long before he is forced to make a life-changing decision.

But, as Cai soon finds out, every choice has a price, and this one puts him in grave danger as he comes face-to-face with his destiny and an evil that comes from within his own family…

THE BOOK OF LEGEND is the first instalment in the Prophecies of Fate series, perfect for fans of Harry Pott